The Technology

How It Works

The ROM³ Rehab System involves a patented adjustable pedal system (X-Y Technology™) which enables patients with any lower extremity Range of Motion to immediately begin movement within a limited Range of Motion of the affected joint or limb.

Patients, including those with extremely limited ROM, can comfortably begin at the lowest gradients of movement—with passive motion, in a minuscule Range of Motion. Within 7-10 minutes, therapists observe that the affected leg relaxes and begins comfortable exertion, reaching assisted-active motion, and causing:

  • Improved blood flow and lymphatic flow
  • Reduced swelling
  • Reduced pain

A key dynamic of the ROM³ System is that a patient uses his/her “good leg” to push, stretch, and rehabilitate his/her “bad leg.” A subtle ingenuity is that the patient now plays both sides of the “chess game”—that is to say, the patient becomes a co-therapist by supervising his “good leg” to support and stretch his own “bad leg.” Thus the patient unconsciously adopts the viewpoint of a therapist, rather than that of a protester, and so better drives—and speeds—his/her own recovery. The difference is subtle, but the results are remarkable.

As time goes on, patients can gradually increase to active motions, and adjust the device for greater and greater Range of Motion.

The ROM³ System’s universal accessibility and ease of use enables both earlier movement and more movement, allowing the patient’s natural recovery mechanisms to flourish which aids the recovery and healing process.

Rehabilitating Sit-to-Stand Motions
The ROM³ System can also be used to rehabilitate Sit-to-Stand motions, which are so vital to functional independence and the activities of daily living. This is done by adjusting the pedal position of the injured or ailing leg (180 degrees opposite, as in normal bicycle pedaling) to the same position as the assisting leg (both at 0 degrees) 

To put it more simply, in addition to the capability of having one pedal up while the other is down, the device features the capability to position the pedals such that both are up or both down at the same time. Thus, rather than opposite strokes, in which one leg is pushing while the other is pulling, the two feet can pedal parallel or symmetrical revolutions.

Patients using this setting push downward with both feet together, and lift both feet up together, which mimics, rehabilitates, and strengthens sit-to-stand motions (sitting and standing from a chair, bed, toilet, car, etc.).  

These motions make up a significant portion of the activities of daily living.  Thus rehabilitating them using the ROM³ System delivers a new level of patient mobility, functionality, and independence.

Rehabilitating More Advanced Gaits
The versatile ROM³ System can also be adjusted to rehabilitate other Advanced Gaits, which help patients with everyday actions, such as climbing stairs, walking on uneven surfaces or grass, or taking a diagonal step, further increasing patients’ functional independence.

To accomplish this, the ROM³'s pedal positions are adjusted offset such that when one pedal is up, the other is forward (90° offset), known as "Leading Leg Technology™".

These motions are different from walking in straight lines on level, even surfaces, and require a different sequence of muscle recruitment. In these types of everyday motions, patients usually lead with their “good leg” with the affected leg trailing.

Advanced Gait Therapy with the ROM³ System rehabilitates these more advanced motions necessary for activities of daily living, further improving patient mobility, functionality, and independence.

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