Outstanding Results

Patients that rehabilitate using the ROM³ System have been consistently observed to be up and moving faster, with greater Range of Motion and functional independence than any other known rehab technology.

Here are a few examples:

  • In an initial study of the technology, Total Knee Replacement patients showed better outcomes, fewer complications, and faster recoveries including discharges to home 1-5 days earlier.
  • In an Inpatient Rehab setting, Total Knee Replacement patients with multiple co-morbidities have been repeatedly observed to recover 25-50% faster.
  • The ROM³ System has been observed to consistently affect measurable outcomes more rapidly including pain, ROM, edema, proprioception, return to unassisted gait activities, initial FIM scores, strength, and conditioning.
  • Additional studies are upcoming to further document the powerful results observed so far.

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