Results and Analysis of Pilot Studies

conducted on the ROM3 Rehab System


About the ROM3 Rehab System

It has been observed that after a knee trauma, including injury or surgery, patients who undergo earlier movement, more movement, and more active movement of the joint tend to enjoy greater range of motion and better overall outcome than patients who perform less movement, delayed movement, or only passive movement of the joint.

The ROM3 Rehab System is an application of the above datum. A patented technology, it was designed to facilitate earlier movement and active movement of the affected joint, as well as more comfortable movement, consequently allowing and inviting more motion.

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Summary of Outpatient Pilot Study of the ROM3 Rehab System

An independent pilot study of the ROM3 Rehab System was conducted to determine:

  • if the ROM3 Rehab System can be used in outpatient therapy by TKA patients with joint pain and limited range of motion;
  • if the ROM3 Rehab System has a significant effect on range of motion; and
  • if the ROM3 Rehab System affects speed of recovery and/or number of therapy visits needed to reach full recovery.

The results strongly indicate that the ROM3 is highly effective in assisting recovery after knee surgery by achieving more rapid Range of Motion. The study also provided useful data on procedures and areas for modification in preparation for imminent large-scale studies.

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